Scrabble Online Competition Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, FKIP UBL


General  Requirements

  1. Participants of this scrabble competition must be students of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education.
  2. It is an individual participation.
  3. At least 10 participating students from each semester have to join the game.

Competition Requirements

Preliminary Round;

  1. Be sure that it is an individual or single player.
  2. Use a smartphone.
  3. Has an internet connection.
  4. Be connected to Facebook.
  5. Install the application of scrabble from Play store or App Store, title Scrabble (from EA games).
  6. The opponent is determined by the committee in technical meeting via whats-app.
  7. During the game, the participants can not see any dictionary and will be controlled.
  8. Be advised that two participants with the biggest score to play into the next round in Ultimate Battle Round.

Ultimate Battle Round;

  1. It is an individual or single player.
  2. The opponent is determined using Australian Draw.
  3. The used dictionary is Collins Scrabble Word 2015.
  4. The competition is played in 5 rounds, and the time of each round is 50 minutes.
  5. The participants must come in time – 10 minutes before the game is started. If any of the participants is late over than 5 minutes, the participant is disqualified.
  6. Using dictionary during the game is prohibited.
  7. If you want to leave the game, you should get permission from the committee in advance.
  8. The participant is given a score sheet in every round. The total sum of the score should be signed and cannot be changed after.
  9. The judges’ decision cannot be contested.

Contact Person via Whats-app;

Dini [+62895620017675]
Rini [+6282289341191]

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